Who We Are

The Wren Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas was established January 1, 1997, to represent the victims of accidents, illness, and injuries. From our first day, we have focused our practice to Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, and Social Security Disability law. During this time we have successfully represented thousands of clients and obtained the money and benefits to which they were entitled. Our experience, expertise, and proven track record allow us to be a leader in these fields.


My name is Daniel Wren. Prior to founding the Wren Law Firm in January 1997, I was working as the head of the litigation department in one of the state’s largest personal injury law firm. At the prior law firm, we often obtained excellent results for our clients. However, due to lack of consistent, straight forward communication between the law firm and the client, the client’s were often frustrated by this process despite the excellent outcomes the we obtained for them. Therefore, one of my overriding goals in establishing Wren Law Firm was not only to obtain the best possible results for my client but to also make sure that the entire staff communicated directly, promptly, and in a straight forward manner with all of our clients.

The Wren Law Firm, which started out with just me and a secretary, has now grown to four attorneys and a total staff of fourteen people. During this time, I have chosen to limit our areas of practice in Arkansas to Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability, all of which dove tail around understanding how accidents, injuries and illnesses affect the human body and obtaining the benefits that our clients deserve as a result of the sufferings that have been incurred by our client.


When the Wren Law Firm was established in 1997, the internet was much more of a novelty than anything else. Today, we use internet and e-mail to obtain information about the claim, to obtain police reports, medical bills and reports and communicate with the insurance companies, adjusters, attorneys and the courts. We now have e-mail addresses for every one of our employees. However, we are still old fashioned in that we would still rather talk directly with our client than through any electronic medium. We will continue to look to explore every possible means that help us reach our ultimate goals which is to obtain the best possible settlement for our client and to do so in a manner which is as stress free for our client as possible.

The Wren Law Firm was established in 1997 with a “clients first” mentality. This “client first” thinking has molded the way the Wren Law Firm does business in Little Rock. First, we are straight forward, honest and direct when communicating with our clients. Second, we are prompt in our communications with our clients. Third, we put our proven track record to work for our clients in a very limited area of the law without getting distracted by handling the claims outside of the realm of helping the victims of accidents, illnesses and injuries. Finally, working on a contingency basis focuses our attention on getting the client the best possible settlement in the shortest period of time.

What We Do in Arkansas

  1. We handle all aspects of your claim so that you can go to the doctor and focus on getting better.
  2. We get you the best possible settlement you are entitled to for your claim.

Personal Injury

We Level the Field

It is virtually impossible for an individual to know the value of their personal injury case or claim. As a result, the insurance company takes advantage of a person’s attempt to “bargain up” from the insurance companies first offer of settlement. At the Wren Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys bring twenty plus years of experience to the table to fairly evaluate the full value of your claim so that we can negotiate from a position of strength to give you the best possible settlement.

We Handle the Claim

At the Wren Law Firm in Little Rock, we will collect your medical bills, reports, and deal with the doctors and insurance companies so that you can go to the doctor and focus on getting better without having to deal with the stress of handling your claim.

Workers’ Compensation

Navigating Your Claim

Workers’ Compensation benefits are defined by statute. As a result the process is highly technical. We guide our clients through the Arkansas workers’ compensation claims process to ensure that they get all the benefits that they are entitled to and to help them avoid making any mistakes that would eliminate or reduce the benefits they are entitled to under Workers’ Compensation.


Once you have reached “maximum medical improvement” which is a Workers’ Compensation term meaning that you have been released from active care from the doctor. The first thing our workers’ compensation attorneys do with our clients is have a conversation with them to determine whether or not settling their Workers’ Compensation claim is in their best interest. A number of factors such as whether or not you are physically able to return to work and whether or not your employer will allow you to return to work are just the beginning of the conversation that must be held to determine whether or not settling your case in is your best interest. Assuming, that settling your case is in your best interest we want to get the best possible settlement for your claim. This requires having an attorney who fully understands the full range of benefits and payments to which you are entitled.

Social Security

Having Help From the Beginning

When starting the social security disability application process it is important to not only be able to accurately explain to the Social Security Administration what your disability is but also explain your disability in terms that the Social Security Administration recognizes. It is also important at this stage to begin to provide the Social Security Administration the documentation that they deem appropriate to support your claim of disability. Therefore, at the Wren Law Firm we believe it to be in your best interest to allow us to help you at the beginning of the application process.

Help Throughout the Claim

Starting from the application process and going all the way through possibly filing it in Federal District Court having a social security disability attorney who understands the intricacies of the Social Security Disability determination process becomes more and more critical at every stage. We bring our expertise to bare in the preparation of the whole documents, handling the administrative procedure, and understanding the subtle nuances that can make the difference between your application being accepted or denied.