Family Law


Divorce is a major life change that can affect your property interests and most importantly, your children. When facing a divorce, you will need experienced, compassionate legal representation to inform you of your rights and to help you through the process. Don’t wait until you have waived some or all of your rights. We will assist you from start to finish to ensure that you are fairly represented and that all of your questions are answered. Call us today for a free consultation.


Outside of divorce proceedings, paternity must be established in order for the Court to order a father to pay child support. We are committed to helping both mothers and fathers with paternity and child support issues.

Many people think that a father’s name on the birth certificate establishes paternity. This is simply not the case. We can help you through the steps of establishing paternity and then getting an order in place so that your children receive financial support and can have a meaningful relationship with each parent.

Certain circumstances will call for a modification of existing child support orders. For example, the non-custodial parent may have a change in income or lose his or her job. We can assist you with modification of an existing child support order.


Whether custody is an issue as part of a divorce or one party is asking for a change of custody, it is extremely important that you obtain skilled legal representation. Custody disputes can be long, complicated and have a lasting negative impact on your children. If we cannot find a workable solution, we will be prepared to take your case to court. Call us today for a free consultation.


Although the Court will make specific rulings regarding child support, custody, visitation, and other family law issues, people do not always abide by the Court’s orders. In that case, we can assist you in asking the Court to enforce its order(s). Whether the other parent fails to pay his or her portion of your child’s medical bills, fails to allow you to exercise the visitation you have been granted, or willfully disregards another one of the Court’s orders, we will advocate for you.


We believe that both fathers and mothers should have healthy, meaningful relationships with their children. If you are seeking visitation rights, we can provide comprehensive legal advice and ask the Court for the visitation that you want. Please know that visitation and child support are two separate issues. A parent cannot be denied visitation solely because he or she is not paying child support.

Additionally, if you already have a visitation order and circumstances have changed significantly in either your life or the other parent’s life, we can talk with you about modifying your order. For example, if one party relocates, changes job hours, or something takes place that makes your current order unworkable, we can attempt to find a solution. If we cannot find a solution that works for you and your child, we will advocate for you in the courtroom. Please call us for a consultation to find out what your rights are and how we can help.


We are committed to looking out for fathers’ rights and we recognize the value of the father-child relationship. Gender should not be a determining factor when considering custody or visitation. We will fight for you and provide the representation you need to assure that your voice is heard. Please call us today for a free consultation.