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Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

This question is best answered by answering two other questions. First, what is my claim worth? Insurance companies are well aware that the average person does not know all of the different elements of damages, much less the actual value of the claim. Trying to negotiate a claim by yourself is like trying to buy a used car and not knowing price differences between a Cadillac and a Volkswagen.

Second, what will you do if the insurance company refuses to pay for your injuries? The insurance company knows that you do not know how to file suit to enforce your rights. Therefore, when you are unrepresented you do not have any leverage with the insurance company to make them pay what your claim is worth. Insurance companies often tell an unrepresented person that they can “take it or leave it” because the unrepresented person does not know how to enforce their rights through litigation and trial.

Why Hire the Wren Law Firm?

I have been successfully representing accident victims for over 20 years all around Arkansas in cities like Jacksonville and Little Rock. Shortly after graduating from law school I went to work for one of the states largest personal injury law firms. During my time there I quickly rose to the head of the litigation department. In 1997 I established my own law firm.

During the last fifteen years I have successfully represented thousands of accident victims from every corner of Arkansas.

Our Fees Make A Difference.

Our standard fee is twenty five percent of the total amount that we recover from the person who caused your accident. Many other law firms charge anywhere from one third to forty percent of your recovery. Our reduced fee can make a significant difference in the amount of money that you put in your pocket at the conclusion of your claim. Our expertise, experience, and reduced fee combine to make the Wren Law Firm a leader in the field of representing accident victims.

What Does the Wren Law Do?

First, wherever you are located in the state, even outside of cities like Little Rock or Jacksonville, we will come to your house and sit down with you to make sure that we fully understand how the accident happened and how it has impacted you. At this point we will assess liability and begin collecting and preserving any evidence necessary to prove that the other driver was at fault.

While you are under the doctor’s care we will deal with the other person’s insurance company. We will also begin collecting all of your medical bills and reports. Further, we look for all avenues to make sure that your medical bills are paid as they are incurred. It is our goal during this period that you can focus on getting the medical attention that you need without having to worry about your claim.

Finally, when you are released from the doctors care we want to get you the largest possible settlement to which you are entitled. We do this because we have pride in doing a job well done. Obviously, the better that we do for our clients the better we do for the law firm because we are paid on a percentage basis. In that regard, our standard fee is twenty five percent of the total amount recovered from the person who caused the accident. Working on a percentage basis puts us and the client on the same page of wanting to reach the best possible settlement. Further, our twenty five percent fee as compared to other law firms higher fees can put significantly more money in your pocket when your case is settled.