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Our Social Security Lawyers Can Help at Every Stage of the Process

Social Security Application

We have the expertise to know the elements of a successful Arkansas Social Security application. It is very important for the success of your claim to have your application filled out correctly. It is also very important to make sure that Social Security has the documents that support your application for Social Security Disability around Arkansas in cities like Jacksonville and Little Rock. Let us help you in this critical stage.


If you are not successful in obtaining your Social Security benefits upon your initial application, we will file for reconsideration, which is done without the necessity of a hearing. Failing to timely ask for reconsideration can result in the forfeiture of your claim. 

Administrative Hearing

This is a hearing that you attend before an Administrative Law Judge. It is critically important that your medical records be throughly reviewed, and that you be prepared for the type of questions that you will likely be asked at this hearing. A vocational expert may also be present at this hearing. Understanding the nuances of the questions asked can be critically important. Never, never, never go to this hearing without a Social Security attorney

The Appeal Council

If your claim is denied after an Administrative hearing, our team in Jacksonville, Little Rock, & all around Arkansas can request that your claim be reviewed by the Appeals Council, which has the option of approving, denying, or remanding your case back to the Administrative Law Judge

Federal District Court

In rare cases it may be necessary for your claim to be appealed to the Federal District Court. This is a rare and unusual step.

Finally, we only get paid if we are successful in our representation of you.

Our fee is 25% of whatever back pay is owed to you at the time that you are approved for benefits. Further, this fee is capped at $8,000.00. Therefore, not only will we work to get you qualified for Social Security Disability, but we will also attempt to make sure that you are approved with the earliest onset date possible.

Do not give up on your Arkansas Social Security Disability claim. Please allow us to help you from the very beginning. However, if you started the process by yourself please give our Arkansas social security attorneys a call so we may begin to help you now.