Worker’s Compensation


What is Workers' Compensation?

In general, if you get hurt on the job in Arkansas your employer and their insurance company is required to pay your medical bills, pay your lost wages, compensate you for any permanent injury and either retrain you or pay you if you are unable to return to your previous job, or if you are permanently and totally disabled.

Theory Versus Reality

In theory, if you get hurt on the job your employer and their Workers’ Compensation insurance company will take care of you. This means that they will pay all of your reasonable and necessary medical bills, will not interfere with your treatment, pay for your mileage and prescriptions, pay your off work benefits, pay you for any permanent injuries that you may have, make sure that your future medical expenses are covered, and fairly compensate you for any difficulties that you may have in going back to a job making the same or more money. My twenty plus years of experience in this field has shown me that Workers’ Compensation insurance companies often do not pay the money and benefits to which injured workers are entitled. I have seen insurance companies refuse to pay for medical procedures recommended by my client’s treating physicians, and even refuse to pay for medical treatment recommended by doctors that the insurance company has forced my client to see. Insurance companies have denied claims in their entirety that clearly occurred on the job. Insurance companies have tried to “doctor shop” an injured worker hoping to eventually get a doctor to make a finding that is beneficial to the insurance company and not the injured worker. Insurance companies have refused to pay impairment ratings as assigned by the worker’s physician. In short, for every possible benefit that an injured worker might be entitled, I have seen an insurance company deny, delay and even refuse to pay that benefit.

Who Do We Help?

Regardless of the seriousness of your workplace injury, please feel free to call the Wren Law Firm if you have any questions regarding your Workers’ Compensation claim. However, as a general rule workers who have suffered relatively minor injuries from which they expect to recover without any permanent injuries can handle their claim without the assistance of the Wren Law Firm. However, if you have suffered a serious injury of any nature from which you have either been told by the doctor or fear that you may end up with any type of permanent injury, it is critically important that you speak to one of our Arkansas workers compensation attorneys regarding your claim. Small mistakes made by the injured worker during their treatment can reduce or eliminate the benefits to which they are entitled.

How Do We Get Paid?

We only get paid if we get a lump sum settlement on your behalf. Further, if we do not get you a lump sum settlement, you do not owe us a fee. Any fee we are awarded must be approved by an Administrative Law Judge.

What We Do.

At Wren Law Firm, it is our goal to handle the claim and make it as easy as possible for you to go to the doctor and focus on getting better. However, often times insurance companies do not wish to cooperate and pay you what you are entitled. As a result of this we often have to force our clients rights to: (a) medical care, (b) mileage reimbursement, (c) impairment ratings, (d) wage loss, (e) vocational rehabilitation; and (f) change of physician. This is only a partial list of the issues that we resolve on a daily basis for our clients.

Putting Our Expertise to Work For You

I have over twenty years of legal experience and have successfully represented well over a thousand injured workers. Laura Beth York came to work at the Wren law Firm directly from the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission. Ms. York has settled hundreds of claims and successfully represented injured people in front of Administrative Law Judges, the Full Commission and even the Arkansas Court of Appeals.